We have a new litter of Frenchtons!

As many of you will remember, we offered our first litter of Frenchtons ever on our site about 4 months ago.   I think we probably got more response from that litter than from anything that we have ever posted on our site before. 

Frenchtons are a cross between a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier.   This current litter is sired by a REALLY short stocky French Bulldog named Radar.   (You can see pictures of  Radar Below.)   This litter is even nicer than the litter that we offered several months ago, because they seem to resemble the French Bulldog side much more than the Boston Terrier side.

BEFORE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THESE PUPPIES, I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS....   I'm afraid that I'm not able to fly puppies this time of year.  We do have an option for delivering puppies to you if you are in the Eastern part of the USA.   My nephew is a very dependable college student who can deliver personally hand- deliver your puppy to you.   But, if you are west or mid-west, I'm afraid that we won't be able to sell a puppy to you (Unless you want to fly in yourself on Delta airlines and carry the puppy back as carry-on.  Delta will allow this, but most other airlines won't) 

We expect their ears to come up within the next week or so.   I have some pictures of the last litter of Frenchies at an older age so that you can get a general feel for how they turn out as they age.

Anyway, I'll shut up now and let you look at meet this beautiful puppies.   ENJOY...........


LuLu - $775 

Peggy - $775

Bev - $775

Dionne - $775

Martha - $775 - Martha is the runt of this litter.   She is our best eater of all so she's gaining pretty quick on her brothers and sisters.

Bo - $775 -  Bo is so funny and friendly.   He keeps us all entertained with his antics.   His personality reminds me so much of his daddy, Radar. 

Danny - $775


Here are some group pictures of this litter.   They are SOOOO CUTE playing at this age!!!


This is the proud PaPa of these adorable Frenchtons.  His name is Radar.  He belongs to our Friends Doris and Larry.   Radar is perhaps the most comical and handsome Frenchie that I have ever been around.   (not to mention, the most spoiled ;-)

If you have any questions about this litter of Frenchtons, or if you would like to reserve one of these precious babies, please contact me at (256) 892-2022  or bullybuddies1@gmail.com


Here are two Frenchtons from the litter of Frenchtons that we offered on our site a few months back.   They are a little older in the pictures than the ones that we have on the site now.  This will give you and idea for how they turn out as they get older.    As cute as these two babies are, the ones that we have right now show promise to be shorter and stockier with wider heads than the two above.