Update beginning 2010- due to changes in Delta airlines policies and fees we are only able to maintain our $300 shipping fee when Delta dash charges are not incurred.  Alaska and Canadian flights are automatically dash charges - in addition to that, we are forced to pay higher rates when layovers are under 2 hours now, when the flight departs less than two hours after cargo opening at departure, when cargo hours are not available at arrival and pickup is considered after hours policy, or when a flight is asked to be booked less than 48 hrs in advance.   When this is the case, shipping will be $375

A deposit of $250 holds the puppy of your choice.   This deposit is payable to remove a puppy for sale in your name and considered a purchase agreement.... therefore, this deposit is non-refundable if the buyer defaults on the sale, but refundable if the we the seller default on the sale.  We do offer a warranty on our puppies; please follow the link and read our purchase agreement.  There are also common questions and answers provided as well to be of help as you visit our site.  We are happy to help ....

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For more information on a particular puppy, please call 205-472-0757 or email us at bullybuddiesmail@gmail.com
We normally do get our emails quicker just to be honest, but are happy to chat by phone too - if you miss us please leave a message.  We do understand there are many scams out there and it's important to our families to have email and phone contact so don't give up we are here and happy to help.  Scams are not an issue here.


SPECIAL NEEDS PUPPIES - From time to time we occassionally have puppies that are not perfect.  We usually discount the price on these puppies in order to find them a personal home that fits their individual need.   We usually don't post those puppies here on our website when we want more choice as to how and when to place them.   But, If you would like to be considered for a special needs puppy home and want to be notified when we have a puppy that might fit your home, please drop us an email and in the subject line write "special needs puppies" then tell us a little about what you hope to be considered for.  We will contact you when we have puppies that have special needs.  




GIDGET - $600



JAZZY - $600



MAMMY - $600



BINKY (Male) - $450 - SOLD - Thanks Joe

Binky is a special needs puppy.   He is an absolutely adorable Frenglish (half English Bulldog / half French Bulldog) puppy.  But he has a hyper-extended front ankle.   It doesn't seem to affect him at all.  He can run and play with the best of 'em.   And he doesn't seem to be in any pain from it.   But his little front ankle is just a little crooked.   He's a very sweet little guy that needs a great home. 



I can't quite tell whether Hot Rod's ears are going to stand or not.  They kinda have a little "lift" to them at the moment, so I'm thinking that they might.






MATILDA - $800 - SOLD - Thanks Elizabeth



FREEWAY - $800 - SOLD - Thanks Anthony



MAX - $800 - SOLD - Thanks Jennifer