- Okay, here's something we've never had on our site before.  One of our breeding partners called me a couple months back and told me that she was playing "mad scientist" again.  She said she had always wondered what a French Bulldog and a Pug cross might look like.   Since she had both breeds, she decided to indulge her curiosity.   I'll admit to being a little pessimistic at the time as to what the puppies might look like.   But when the puppies were born, and I saw them the first time, I was very pleasantly surprised at how adorable they were. 

I know that a lot of you will be curious to know several things.  Like: How big will they get?  Will their ears stand up?  What will their coats be like?  What's their disposition like?  

All great questions.  Questions that I'll answer with an honest, "I don't know".  We're in some uncharted territory with this litter.  We've never had this cross before so I can't say with complete certainty how they'll turn out.   I'll be happy to give you my best guesses, though.

I look for them to be around 20-25 lbs as adults.  At this age (four weeks) they're about the size of most Frenchies and Frenchtons that we raise.  Also, that's about the size of most French Bulldogs and most Pugs mature at, so I think that it's likely for their offspring to fall in that range. 

Regarding their ears, my personal opinion is that they are going to stand.  I base that on a couple of things.  For starters, a few of the puppies have ears that are already to get a little spring to them.  And the other thing that I base that on is that it just seems like the erect ears seem to be kind of, shall we say, genetically dominant.  In the past when we've crossed Frenchies with other breeds like English Bulldogs, that had laying ears, the ears did stand.   I don't think they'll have the really big bat ears like our French Bulldogs.  I think it will be smaller, erect ears.  Just my best guess.  I could be wrong.

Their coat type seems to take more to the Pug side of things.  They seem to have a little longer, more "brush type" coat like you generally see on Pugs.  Not as short and sleek as most French Bulldog coats. 

Regarding their disposition, I just can't imagine how they could miss on having a very sweet, easy-going way about them.  That could come from both sides.  You rarely meet a disagreeable Pug or Frenchie. 

They are about four weeks old right now and they'll be old enough to go be with their new families the week before Christmas.   Please call or email if you have any questions of if you'd like to reserve one.   256.892.2022 or bullybuddiesmail@gmail.com

We're down to just one Frug now.  Mr. Grinch.  I've posted some updated pictures of him below.  



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NOEL (female) - $500 - SOLD - Thanks Scott



jingle2.jpg (241182 bytes) jingle3.jpg (246615 bytes) jingle4.jpg (243597 bytes)

JINGLE BELL (female) - $450 - SOLD - Thanks Crawfords.

You can probably tell from the pictures... Jingle like to play in her food ;-)  



mistletoe1.jpg (217981 bytes) mistletoe3.jpg (238043 bytes) mistletoe6.jpg (237832 bytes)

MISTLETOE (female) - $450 - SOLD - Thanks David and OJ



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HOLLY LEAF (female) - $450 - SOLD - Thanks Melanie




 Grinch is still looking for somebody to love 



eggnog1.jpg (221996 bytes) eggnog4.jpg (208456 bytes) eggnog6.jpg (229285 bytes)

EGGNOG (male) - $450 - SOLD - Thanks Mary

Eggnog's deposit fell through so he's still looking for a great home.  He's my favorite in the whole litter.



scrooge1.jpg (237980 bytes) scrooge3.jpg (216142 bytes) scrooge4.jpg (278539 bytes)

SCROOGE (male) - $450 - SOLD - thanks Kristin